Royal BC Museum

The internationally renowned Royal BC Museum is located in the province’s capital city of Victoria on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The passion that the museum has for sharing British Columbia’s natural and human history is evident by the thousands of people from all over the world who come to experience the wonders of BC’s past present and future each year. For a truly exciting look into the past along with spectacular present day exhibits and an inspirational glimpse into the future, the museum is second to none.

With permanent galleries such as the First Peoples Gallery, the galleries of modern and natural history and others, one can appreciate just how this beautiful and rugged province came to be what we know it as today. Going back in time, visitors can experience an eye-opening glimpse into the wonder and hardships faced by the First Nations along with their cultural richness. On display are also magnificent ceremonial masks created by Chief Nakap’ankam, Mungo Martin representing raven, huxwhukw and Crooked-Beak and more.

Allow yourself to be transported back in time as you see, hear and smell pieces of the past in the Modern History Gallery. The rugged and harsh life of early pioneers is dramatically depicted by the Tremblay family homestead as it stood around 1912 in the Peace River District. One can view top-of-the-line clothing of the early 1900’s as you enter the Dominion Drapers Building via a street paved in wood-block.

See how the natural movement of the earth along with the ever-changing ice and water formations of our planet has forged new landscapes and environments over millions of years. Take a journey through our earth’s ice bound tundra and topical forests until you reach present day rock formations by an ocean shore and plush rainforest in the Natural History Gallery. One can also take a fascinating history lesson that spans 80 million years, dramatically depicted along a wall, showing species and environments that have evolved or become extinct.

Learn what giant bison, mammoths and mastodons fed on when they ruled the earth. Find out how the changing climate has ruled where and how we work and play, even how we dress and what we eat. View the largest of our land predators, the grizzly bear, hunting for food in a stream or the northern sea-lion which can grow to four metres and weigh over 1000 kilograms. See the larger-than-life Mammoths – Giants of the Ice Age exhibition until 31st December 2016.

In addition to the year round permanent galleries, the Royal British Columbia Museum offers exceptional visiting exhibitions. The history of British Columbia is a culturally rich and diverse one with no better way to explore the past, learn of the present day or glimpse into its future than with a visit to the Royal BC Museum.