Welcome to our recipe page, I am thrilled you have visited our collection and hope you find a new favorite, completed with your own personal twist!

David and I have not been professionally trained but I tell you the last 4 years of trial, error, guest feedback, and yes even the occasional smoke alarm (OK -they were all me – don’t ask) have ultimately provided the confidence to recreate, and yes, even reinvent a recipe with our own style. I hope we can inspire you to create your own versions, having fun with the processes, and the success to pass on your own versions. If you were to ask our repeat guests I’m sure they can attest there is rarely a final version at Ashcroft House – all our breakfasts are really just a template to re-invent for another day. Please enjoy our suggestions and by all means have fun personalizing!

At the B&B our guests enjoy a complete 4-course breakfast, yes we always apologize to those that reserved a noon time high tea. Course number one is juice, granola, muesli, and yogurt followed by the second course of a daily fresh fruit creation. Course number 3 are fresh baked scones and muffins (or quick bread) hot from the oven, a different selection every morning. Somehow the baking seems to have fallen into my lap, not that David doesn’t spend enough time “cutting the butter into the flower until the size of small peas”, it just always seems to end up being my oven. Well it’s my oven until David reminds me to check them before they burn – boy do I wish I had his nose, guess I’ll just have to remember to set the timer! And then we do course 4. We do vary our menu from savory to sweet so everyone gets a taste of both. With four courses everyday we are always creating and reinventing, we hope you enjoy doing the same with our recipes below.

With Inspiration,